The Antarctic Ice Ultra™ is the ultimate ultramarathon in Antarctica, including categories of 50k, 81k (50 miles), and 100k, with male and female divisions. There is also an option to sign up as a team and compete in the 24-hour Relay Race.

summary facts about the ICE ultra

  • The race location is at the Schirmacher Hills on the Princess Astrid Coast in Queen Maud Land in East Antarctica, between the Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Novolazarevskaya (Novo) Ice Shelf.
  • The 2024 Antarctic Ice Ultra is the inaugural event, and it marks the first-ever 24H Race on the continent of Antarctica.
  • Between 2005 and 2017, 56 male and 8 female runners completed the 100k race in Antarctica as part of the Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k, a sister event to the Antarctic Ice Ultra.
  • In the 2017 World Marathon Challenge, Nahilia Hernandez (CUB/MEX) completed 50k in 5:15:43 (5 hours 15 minutes 43 seconds) and that stands as the official record of women's 50k in Antarctica.
  • The official record of men's 100k in the continent of Antarctica is 9:26:02 (9 hours 26 minutes 2 seconds), run by Keith Whyte (IRL) in the 2015 Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k.
  • The official record of women's 100k in Antarctica is 15:31:10 (15 hours 31 minutes 10 seconds), run by Julianne Young (AUS) in the 2012 Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k.
  • Once new records are set for the 50k, 81k (50 miles), 100k or 24-hour in the 2024 Antarctic Ice Ultra, these official records will be posted on this website (www.iceultra.com).

Antarctic Ice Ultra