getting sponsored

We understand the cost of travelling to the Antarctic Ice Ultra is inherently expensive and many participants require sponsorship.

You can bring a sponsoring company's logo or product to the race to have it photographed. The race will receive global media coverage and you can wear sponsor logos on your headgear, and the sides of your arms and legs during the event (the official race number is placed on the front of your torso).

It is often a good idea to raise funds for a charity that you feel passionate about. Write to local and national companies advising them of your intention to run in the Antarctic Ice Ultra and the benefiting charity concerned (see sample letter below). Follow up with a phone call to the relevant addressee and outline the media exposure and associated goodwill that could be developed if the company even partly sponsored you. It can be a beneficial outcome for all concerned: the charity, the sponsoring companies and you.

Good luck!

Sample letter

Re: 2024 Antarctic Ice Ultra

Dear __________

I am writing to advise you of a unique and exciting marketing / sponsorship opportunity for your company.

In November 2024, Runbuk, Inc will host the inaugural Antarctic Ice Ultra. A field of over 50 adventure athletes from around the globe will assemble for this event. It is my intention to participate in the race, but I need to raise the necessary funds and this is why I am writing to you.

A challenge of this extreme nature inevitably captures the attention of the local, regional and international media, not merely on the sporting pages but also in the general and life sections, in magazines, and on the radio, TV and Internet.

I am sure that you can more readily quantify the benefits of helping to finance my entry to the race, but I see them as an unprecedented opportunity to promote your company name and product to a wide and captivated audience, and the opportunity to become a name synonymous with true grit and innovative sponsorship. Such benefits are tangible and quantifiable because they increase your visibility and promote sales. Furthermore, I will be using my participation in the race to raise money for a very deserving charity and you can become positively associated with supporting this just cause.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss this project further with you and hope to talk to you in the near future in this regard. In the meantime, please log on to learn more about the race.

Yours sincerely

Antarctic Ice Ultra