polar clothing

In addition to running gear, it's mandatory to have proper polar clothing for the trip to Antarctica.

General Clothing (for polar conditions)

The most important general outerwear items you will need are:

1. Wind Pants
2. Down Jacket
3. Insulated Boots

Additional Minimum Required Items

1 x Thermal Base Layer (legs)
1 x Fleece Pants
1 x Thermal Base Layer (upper body)
1 x Longsleeve Wool or Fleece Shirt / Sweater
2 x Pairs of Wool Socks
1 x Litre Water Bottle with wide opening (Pee Bottle!)
1 x Pair of Polarized Sunglasses
1 x Sunscreen, minimum 30 SPF
1 x Lipscreen
1 x Large Duffle Bag
Personal Toiletries / Underwear
Personal Medication (enough for your trip + 4 weeks extra supply)
Spare Contact Lenses or Prescription Glasses

Optional Extras

1 x Camera / Batteries
1 x Daypack / backpack
1 x Notebook / Reading Material
Energy Drinks / Bars / Tablets normally used by you in marathons

Antarctic Ice Ultra